About Project Lower

The go-to company

Project Lower is the go-to company for hassle free cost savings across a range of common business energy services, and are able to save you both time and money.

If you are an business with 1-100 employees we will be able to provide you with this service free of any charges or fees. Most businesses cannot afford the time that is necessary to actively research lower costs for services, working out the sometimes complex tariffs and negotiating the best deals.

Our background

Through our existing contacts, we have access to preferential rates. We have a background in re-negotiation and have the buying power and resources to get better rates across a range of different energy services.

Project Lower also has the expertise to carry out the process efficiently, and have processes in place to catch the short windows of opportunity that occur when contracts expire and automatically renew.

Working for you

By effectively acting as a buying group, businesses using Project Lower will be able to access prices only seen by larger businesses and corporations who have the power and time to negotiate more effectively.

So, now that you know what we’re about – learn more about how our service works