According to figures calculated by the government, UK businesses could save a total of £1.9 billion on energy bills by investing in energy efficiency measures.

Following recommendations by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), they suggest that by investing £15,000 internally, large companies could make savings of around £56,000 per year.

Despite this, companies have come under scrutiny for not complying with ESOS.

The initiative requires businesses with over 250 employees to carry out energy audits or face fines of £50,000 plus extra charges of £550 per day for up to 80 days if they don’t.

Also, companies with less than 250 employees, an annual turnover of 50 million Euros and a balance sheet exceeding 43 million are required to take part.

Of the businesses surveyed, only 47% have begun activity to comply with the initiative, which begs the question, aren’t they interested in saving on energy bills?

It also suggests that companies could be avoiding energy comparison,  something set up for their benefit.

So, here are three reasons you’d be mad to ignore business energy comparison:

1.It’s trouble free

Honestly, it’s never been easier and is much less hassle than you may think.

In most cases, energy comparison companies do all the hard work, leaving you to reap the financial benefits after they’ve found, compared and then set you on the way to lower utility bills.

Time is also a major concern of many outfits who claim to be extremely busy, but there’s no need to worry about that.

Simply contact your preferred comparison service as it only takes a couple of minutes.

2.You’ll be left behind

We know it can be a struggle to stay competitive, keep your employees happy and run a smooth operation. So why make things harder for yourself?

A financial advantage is priceless and by lowering the amount you spend on energy, you’ll lower your overheads.

Don’t get left behind, invest wisely before it’s too late.

3.You have nothing to lose

Finally, what’s the harm in enlisting the help of experts?

Unless you can guarantee you are already on the lowest possible tariff, which you probably can’t, give it a chance.

Energy comparison is a way of giving you a competitive edge; while it will open your eyes to ways you can educate your workforce and make a real difference to your operation.

Create a difference for your business

Large UK businesses have a deadline of the 5th December to start their mandatory ESOS energy audits.

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