The number of small and micro businesses operating around the UK has increased considerably since the start of the decade and overwhelmingly in the last 15 years.

For these small-scale operators, margins are generally tight and no opportunity to save money can be realistically overlooked which is why it’s so important to find the best and cheapest deal on energy supplies wherever they are available. But once the best possible energy tariffs have been arranged, keeping energy costs as low as possible is still an aim well worth pursuing.

Here’s a look at some of the ways that small and micro businesses can cut back on the amount of energy they use.

Go easy on the air conditioning

If you have air conditioning installed in your workplace, it is there for a reason and it can of course help to regulate the temperature within a given space. These systems, however, can be intense users of energy and limiting their use can make a significant difference when it comes to reducing your company’s overall energy consumption and the associated costs.

Shut down computers overnight

Getting into the habit of turning off computers overnight can be worthwhile for businesses that use a number of them on a daily basis. Even when they are left on standby, desktops and laptops will still be using a some electricity so shutting them down each evening is an easy way to save on electricity bills – and can also preserve the lifespan of your device.

Use low energy lightbulbs

Low energy lightbulbs are available everywhere these days and choosing not to install them at work is teetering on laziness. These bulbs pay for themselves in no time due to their efficiency and eco-friendliness so they're an absolute must if you're serious about keeping your energy bills low.

Don’t leave doors wide open

This tip is very basic but it is very, very easy to overlook simple things like keeping office or shop doors closed when it’s cold outside. Routinely letting cold in and heat escape is a sure-fire way to see your overall energy costs increase and end up unnecessarily high on a regular basis. 

Buy new equipment (if you can)
It tends to be the case that older equipment, whether we’re talking about refrigerators, computers or TVs will be less energy efficient than newer alternatives. So it can be helpful in terms of energy costs to invest in up-to-date machinery and technology where possible.

Whatever kind of business you’re running and on whatever scale it operates, cutting energy use can reduce your monthly outgoings substantially; as indeed can finding a less expensive energy supply package, which is where Project Lower can help. Get in touch with us today to find out how.