As a business owner, it's often expected of you – rightly or wrongly – to be all things to all people. Whether that's a listener who's always available, a natural salesperson, a cunning strategist, or simply a leader of men... and women, you'll often find your employees looking up to you for guidance and inspiration.

But it's unrealistic to expect a business owner to be a specialist, or have the time to invest, in every area of the business; that's why many bring in good people around them such as financial directors or sales managers. And this is true of a key area in business that owners and directors are increasingly devolving – business utility bills.

Here's a handful of reasons why you should contemplate using a broker to save on your energy costs.

  • Knowledge

A good broker will have far greater access to the most competitive rates and products in the marketplace. They'll have significant contacts, strong negotiation skills and be able to pounce on the best deals around. In short, they'll be able to acquire deals that you won't even know exist.

  • Independence

Impartiality can be key to finding the best deals around; someone with a vested interest in pushing you towards a particular product or service may not actually have your best interests at heart. An energy broker with no tie-ins to specific suppliers could consequently have greater market access and be able to secure the best deal for you, rather than what's best for them.

  • Discounts

Of course, the caveat to the point above is that some brokers can gain access to deals and discounts through close links with energy suppliers. They should be honest and up-front with you about this and offer you the best alternatives from other suppliers for comparison, to show that their initial recommendation is the best option for you.

  • Keeping Prices Low

Brokers and buying groups are good for energy consumers and the industry as a whole. Their sheer existence creates greater competition within the market as the suppliers know that brokers offer a vital way into numerous contracts where price is often the determining factor. As is often the way, greater competition leads to lower prices for the end user.

  • Saves Time and Money

The bottom line is that using a broker to find and negotiate the best energy deals for your business will only improve your financial figures whilst saving you crucial time that can better invested into running your business. By delegating the often inconvenient task of sorting out your business utilities, a specialist broker can take the reins and alleviate one burden you could really do without – saving you money in the process.