Comparing or switching energy supplier is the first thing to consider when looking to reduce business energy costs, but to make a sustained difference you need the full and continued support of your employees.

Each year, 20% of the total spent by UK businesses on energy is wasted, and it can prove to be a difficult task to reduce unnecessary expenditure if your employees are not as motivated as you.

Good planning is essential to your energy awareness plan, and the following tips will help you ensure staff are aware of why they should change behaviour and commit to reducing your company’s carbon emissions.

1.Outline the benefits

While some employees may have already adopted energy efficient practices, staff across all departments will be more likely to comply with your strategy if they know how it will affect them.

Give reasons such as:

  • A healthier workplace
  • Improved productivity
  • A reduced carbon footprint and improved company image could help the sales team bring in new clients / customers

2.Create marketing material

Successful marketing campaigns are vital to raising awareness, so begin by creating promotional material around the policies you have drawn up.

Gentle reminders in the form of posters or emails will reinforce your request to comply with your practices, as well as weekly or monthly newsletters that offer advice and reward for participation.

3.Set realistic targets

Target the workforce with achievable goals, and underline the fact staff won’t actually have to make drastic changes, only subtle adjustments.

Reward accordingly, either as teams or individuals, depending on the structure of the business.

4.Run team projects and competitions.

Run team workshops where internal changes are discussed, such as the need to turn computer monitors off during the lunch hour or the implementation of a recycling programme for company waste.

Offer incentives through healthy competition, and utilise the competitive nature of your employees to drive engagement.

5.Draw up an energy policy

Finally, you should underline your policy for good practice by putting it in writing. This will help inform current staff and will form a guideline for new employees when they join the business.

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