Inefficiency causes problems at all levels of a business, whether that’s the workforce lacking productivity or a badly-thought-out energy efficiency strategy.

It is vital that SMEs look to make savings by reducing their energy usage and carbon emissions, as this will ultimately cut costs. This is one way for you to get ahead of your competition.

In fact, it’s amazing to think that with improved energy management, you could make enough savings to make a huge impact on your long-term financial health.

Here are a few vital nuggets of information you need to know about energy saving:


The government is on your side


Whatever your political alignment, there’s no doubt that the government is trying to help SMEs. Here are the initiatives currently in place:

  • Green Deal – allows homeowners and businesses to make energy efficiency improvements, with costs paid for in the savings on their energy bills
  • Electricity Demand Reduction project – decides if there is enough incentive to improve the efficiency of businesses by looking at electricity use
  • The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) –  Looks to improve the energy efficiency of business properties
  • Smart meters – a push to get gas and electricity meters that provide real-time information installed in households and SMEs


The little things make a huge difference


Surely we don’t need to explain the benefits, but here are three:

Motion sensors are just one of the small changes that can reduce spending on energy. They also reduce the issue of lights being left on, combating wastefulness.

FACT: Turning the office thermostat down by a single degree can save up to £50 on energy bills.


Think carefully when buying new equipment


If old equipment such as computers and laptops are coming to the end of their lifespan, go ahead and buy energy efficient models when buying replacements.

Newer models will save on running costs, use less power, and are fantastic long-term saving investments.


Helping businesses use less energy


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