You might be thinking of switching business energy providers to save some money on your bills, but have you thought how much you could save by being more energy efficient?

The Confederation of British Industry claims that UK businesses waste on average 30% of the energy they buy – if that applies to your organisation, it's easy to see how dramatic the difference could be.

In this guide, business energy experts Project Lower offer some tips and ideas that could help you boost your savings even more.

Your staff

If you're starting an energy efficiency drive, it's really important your staff are on board. Why not have a team meeting to explain the importance of changing your habits, and brainstorming ideas? This could help everyone feel like they're involved, and encourage them to play their part.

Staff members will need to be conscious of turning off their computers or other equipment at the end of the day (not leaving anything on standby!), and turning off lights when they leave a room – some friendly reminders or posters around the building might help. Incentivising may also help engage your employees, such as promising to spend the first month's savings on treats.

Your building

Making some changes to your business premises might cost you money in the short term, but when you look at the bigger picture it's well worth it.

  • Turning down your heating by just 1°C will save you 8% on your bill – it might be worth seeing if a slightly lower temperature is tolerable, or even encouraging staff to put on a jumper.
  • Set the timer on your thermostat so the heating isn't left on when the building is empty – bear in mind a typical office is only occupied for 40-50 hours out of 168 each week.
  • Spend some time checking for draughts and fixing them, and making sure there is nothing blocking your heat or light sources - open those blinds before turning on any lights.
  • Switch to energy saving lightbulbs – every bulb you switch will save you £3 per year, which could soon mount up.
  • Have your boiler serviced regularly – or even consider replacing it if it's old and clunky. A better efficiency rating (A being great, G being worst) means lower running costs. The same goes for fridges, dishwashers and other large appliances, so catering or restaurant businesses might benefit from investing in new equipment.
  • If you have a bit more money available, consider asking an expert about improving your insulation or ventilation, or installing motion sensors for lighting in toilets and infrequently used rooms.

Saving the smart way

We're also able to advise our customers on clever technology and tools, which help you save by giving you better awareness of how and where your energy is being used. This could include sub-metering for different buildings or production lines, or web-enabled systems that let you constantly monitor usage across the business. Pinpointing the areas where energy is being wasted is the first step to making changes that can help you cut costs. Alternatively, it could help you reward particular teams or departments that are going the extra mile to cut their consumption.

If you'd like help finding the best business energy deals, along with our expert advice on energy efficiency to help you save even more, contact us on 0330 333 4106.