Changing your energy supplier is easier than you think. There are only a few steps towards to lowering your energy bills and fighting rising costs.

Here, we’ve outlined them all, showing just how simple the process really is. But first you need to start by checking your current situation:

1.Check to see if you have any exit fees

So, you’ve decided to investigate whether you can save on your overheads through energy comparison.

Initially, you’ll need to find out whether leaving your current supplier will incur any fees if you up sticks and move.

Once you’ve sussed your current situation out, it will be clear if you can change supplier immediately or not. We cover this in point five.

2.Have a bill handy

Before you call, have a recent bill ready. These could include contracts or any information ready which reveals details of your existing situation.  

This will help outline your requirements and ensure we are able to make sure it’s possible to find deals which are better for your situation during the consultation process which follows in step four.  

3.Pick up the phone

Once you are equipped with this information, pick up the phone and get the ball rolling, embarking on your journey towards cheaper energy bills.  

During the consultation, your existing information will be assessed, and all avenues will be explored to help you save energy and money.


This is where the hard work begins, including negotiations with existing suppliers and speaking to new suppliers on your behalf.

At Project Lower, we have access to the best deals, and the buying power to get them for you.

5.Deal done

Once we’ve found the deal for you that you’re happy with, depending on your existing contact we can switch you immediately or wait until it expires, and once you’ve made the change it’s job done.

Simple steps to getting a better deal

The whole process is hassle free and quick, so what are you waiting for? Speak to Project Lower today.