The UK government is planning for every business and home in the UK to have smart meters for electricity and gas installed by the end of 2020, but have you considered how they could help you manage your workplace energy consumption?

In this guide we will give you an understanding of how smart meters work and how they provide a greater insight into your energy usage, and the benefits that brings.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are a relatively new digital technology that measure, analyse and display real-time information on how much energy is being used during different times.

Installation of a smart meter is hassle free, and the most common types use wireless technology to transmit readings to energy suppliers and smart devices, with usage data available on a daily basis.

Take control of your energy usage

No business likes overpaying on their bills, yet according to the Carbon Trust, businesses in the UK waste 20% of the energy they use.

By upgrading to a smart meter you will no longer be paying amounts calculated through estimates, as your meter will display the exact amount your monthly bill will cost.

Highlighting where this wastage is occurring will ensure it is easier to take positive action.

For example, if the lights were left on overnight, the spike in energy usage would trigger a notification received via email or text message which would allow for immediate action to be taken, resulting in the lowering of costs.

When the meter’s recordings are combined with an effective employee awareness programme, energy can be used more effectively and savings made that benefit other areas of the business.

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