Businesses of any size and in virtually any industry sector can benefit from being more energy efficient and holding back the scale of their utility bills on a consistent basis.

But while owners and senior staff might be aware of all this, it isn’t always easy to ensure that a focus on reducing or restricting energy consumption is maintained throughout an organisation and its entire workforce.

With that in mind, here are a few ways in which a business might look to engage its staff on the subject of energy efficiency to cuts costs and enhance corporate sustainability...

Invite suggestions

Perhaps the best way in which to engage employees with the issue of energy efficiency and smart energy use is to invite suggestions from them about what kind of practices should be introduced.
This kind of process is useful partly because members of a workforce might have any number of bright ideas on how to cut energy use but also because it gets them thinking about the subject and shows that their employer takes it seriously. They'd also appreciate the fact that their opinion truly matters.


Whatever form they take and however regularly they are carried out, running training sessions and taking employees through issues around energy efficiency can have a big impact on how energy is used throughout an organisation.
Changing habits can be enormously significant over time in terms of bringing down energy usage. Even where the results aren’t instantaneous, the benefits can be considerable and every bit of electricity, gas or water not used makes a difference.

Leading from the top

From a staff perspective, the tone for behaviour, habits and priorities is often set by leadership figures at the top. So for small, medium and large organisations alike, having bosses who make clear their commitment to cutting energy use can make a big difference.
If a company’s chief executive, for example, makes no secret of his or her commitment to reducing energy use and energy bills then the rest of their workforce will be more inclined to avoid wasting resources where possible. Good leadership in this respect can also make clear to employees that their organisation is looking for new ways to reduce energy usage, which can often lead to some inspired thinking on the subject and create an environment in which cutting energy consumption is always prioritised.

The bottom line

The bottom line for businesses in all this is precisely that; the bottom line. Every effort to reduce energy consumption is rewarded directly with lower energy bills and a culture of corporate sustainability flowing through your business. The incentives are always there for businesses of all sizes to get it right and take whatever steps they can to see energy usage cut across their operations now and for the long-term.