It can be time consuming and unrewarding to be continually looking at how you can make your workplace more energy efficient by comparing tariffs and looking at switching suppliers. Whilst we are here to help you switch, have you considered looking at how much you could save by implementing energy efficiency strategies?

In this guide we will offer some simple and effective ways you can keep your workplace more energy efficient this winter.

Raise staff awareness

If you are going to promote energy efficiency in the workplace, you will need the support of your employees. Staff awareness is key to ensuring that your company culture changes and a positive drive towards energy efficiency is adopted.

Explain the importance of changing habits. Try to motivate a change in behaviour by setting targets, rewarding success and promoting competition as we head into the winter months.

Team meetings are a useful way to draw up policies, they are key to getting everybody involved with your energy efficiency drive. You can also raise awareness by creating promotional materials like posters, stickers and brochures.

Look at your lighting situation

Switching to LED lighting is the simplest method of reducing energy usage, as 40% of the energy use in a building is through lighting. Lighting costs can be cut by around 90% with an initial investment that is easy to implement, and this is very effective when the dark nights begin to draw in.

Occupancy sensors work by switching off or dimming when nobody is in a room, reducing electricity usage by around 30%. They are another way to cut down on energy wastage, as is making sure that employees switch off lights when they are not needed.

Switch appliances off

Make sure that all appliances like computers, monitors, photocopiers or vending machines are switched off at the end of the day. The last person in the office at night should take responsibility so that everything is turned off. Energy saving modes are useful for when employees are away from their desks for a short period of time.

Invest in smart monitoring

Smart meters record energy usage over hours, days and months. They help you understand how much energy you are using, and how to manage it better. They provide accurate real-time reports, whereas earlier devices would only provide estimates.

Your business can then make informed decisions on your energy use, encouraging changes in behaviour and advising investment in energy efficient appliances.

In the majority of cases, we can get your business a smart meter installed, free of charge.

Switch to energy efficient appliances

Office equipment accounts for around 15% of all electricity used in UK offices, but by managing your equipment you can reduce the amount of energy you use on a day-to-day basis.

Looking for products which are clearly marked with labels like ‘Energy Saving Recommended’, ‘European Ecolabel Scheme’ and the ‘Energy Star’ will ensure you are equipped with products which use significantly less power than standard models.

When Christmas comes around

Decorating the office in the run up to Christmas is great way of boosting morale amongst your colleagues, but it is also an energy sapping time of the year. If you switch to LED Christmas lights instead of traditional lighting, this will cost around six times less to run. You should always remember to turn the office Christmas lights off when the office is empty or use a timer so they automatically switch off over night.

Make smart savings

Winter can mean rising energy bills for many businesses, with energy usage particularly high between December and February. By being prepared and cutting costs, you can ensure you don’t have to suffer from unnecessary financial headaches.

If you would like expert advice on how your business can save money over the winter period, or would like help on finding the best business energy deals, contact the Project Lower business energy comparison team on 0330 333 4106.