Paying more than necessary for gas and electricity is another way for businesses to effectively pour money down the drain.

The benefits of switching include cheaper bills and better levels of customer service. Yet still, companies are reluctant to compare what they are paying now to what else is available.

With this in mind, we sat down over a brew and a digestive biscuit and had a chat about why this is. Below are some of the excuses we’ve heard:


Disclaimer: These following points are myths. In reality, switching is quick and easy.


I won’t save that much anyway

You will. Comparison service reckons the average customer can save £228 a year by switching supplier.


It’s too complicated

Granted, energy bills can be difficult to understand. But all you need for a comparison is an estimate of your current consumption and your postcode, enter those online or contact a comparison service by phone for further guidance.


I need loads of old paperwork

Again, a myth. Find a recent bill and have your postcode handy. That’s all most suppliers require.


I’m too busy

Getting a quote is quicker than you think.

You could get one on your lunch break and still have time to browse BBC News for another 45 minutes.


I don’t trust computers

This is a difficult one. This clearly won’t apply to you as a reader of our blog, but let’s say you have friends or an older family member who is paying too much, and isn’t convinced by technology.

Sit them down and show them what’s on offer. Most internet-based comparison services are easy to use and all the information will be clearly displayed.

It should also give them piece of mind, and will save them from ringing themselves.


I don’t trust smaller companies

This seems ridiculous when you consider that the ‘big six’ energy providers are the most complained-about companies in the country. Staggeringly, in the third quarter alone, British Gas received 405,000 complaints, Npower 320,000, and EDF 240,000.

Despite this, 91% of consumers still buy their energy from either British Gas, E.ON, Npower, ScottishPower or SSE.

Why not consider a small energy provider? Capitalise on the cheaper prices and better customer service, all made possible by the government removing obligations on smaller suppliers to assist them in getting a foothold in the industry.


Switching energy supplier is easier than you think

Get in contact with our business energy experts and we’ll provide a quick energy comparison for your business.

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