Creating an eco-friendly, low cost workplace needn’t be a complicated process. In fact, it can be achieved by making some simple, key changes to your overall office environment.

First of all, why should your business make an effort to minimise its impact on our planet? Well, not only can it significantly lessen your electricity bills, but investing in efficiency can also bring about long term rewards for both the environment and your company, such as increasing the value of your organisation.

Numerous businesses, big and small, strive to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills. But, besides from turning off their lights and computers at the end of the working day, many struggle to know exactly what steps to take.

However, as the world becomes an increasingly digital one, moving your organisation towards this greener and economically happier place has become simpler. The Project Lower team are passionate about saving energy and money, and have put together an infographic and two checklists in order to help your business become even more environmentally responsible.

If you are in the initial stages of changing your approach to energy saving and are unable to invest a huge amount of funding, then download and work your way through our checklist Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly. Alternatively, if you have a little more cash to splash on making your workplace a haven of energy efficiency, then download and complete our checklist Investing In Your Office for a Sustainable Future.

To find out what Project Lower can do to help your business save money on your energy bills, contact our helpful team today or speak to us on 0330 333 4106.

Checklist 1

Easy and cheap ways to make your office eco-friendly

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Checklist 2

Investing in your office for a sustainable future.

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