Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do you get better rates and deals than me?

Project Lower is part of a buying group and able to get preferential rates that individual businesses are not party to.

2 What is the catch, how does Project Lower make money?

There is no catch, we make commission off the suppliers and all the savings are passed to you.

3 I’ve changed my mind about switching what will this cost me?

Absolutely nothing. You are under no obligation to take up our recommendation and there are no upfront fees.

4 How long does the process take?

This is obviously dependant on when your existing contract is due to expire, and also the supplier but from two to four weeks.

5 I want to speak to a person not an automated ring around

No problem! We have a dedicated friendly and efficient team that will be there to speak to at every point and keep you involved in the switching process. Call us now on 0330 333 4106