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SMEs need to shop around for energy deals

SMEs are missing out on savings by not shopping around for the best possible business energy deals, despite cost being an important factor, a new report says.

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Keeping your workplace energy efficient this winter or Christmas

From raising staff awareness to switching to energy efficient appliances, Project Lower looks at how you can save energy in the workplace this coming winter.

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National Grid reassures businesses over blackouts

With the National Grid’s capacity to supply electricity at a seven-year low, they have reassured business owners that there is no risk of winter blackouts.

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Business energy tariffs explained

Comparison specialists Project Lower explain some of the common types of business energy tariff, as well as how to check your tariff and get a better deal.

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Business energy saving tips

You might be thinking of switching business energy providers to save some money on your bills, but have you thought how much you could save by being more energy efficient?

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Our top tips for finding the best business energy deals

Project Lower shares 10 top tips to help you find the best business energy deals – armed with the facts, shopping around really can save you a bundle.

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